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Some years back it was the best way to reach out to the world. Still is, but chatting, e-mailing took new meaning when the Internet first came alive in the country. And then everyone discovered the rest of the world. You made online buddies, posted your photos, connected...basically it was a whole lot of fun. The fun kinda multiplied with blogging and then you made some more friends! Of course, every-one who was anyone had a website to their name, networking increased, business portals came on... you know how it has come about. So why mention all of this now? because, tucked away in his second floor office in Secto-17, Dhruv Pandey was noticing all this and feeling a vacuum. "I have been in the business of sebsite design and development company for many years now. But I always felt that there never realty was a website that addressed spirituality." tells Pandey, chairman of the Candigarh based Nano Web Tech Ltd that runs technology Guru, a company that's recently put it a unique website out there on the world wide web. 

"It's a one-stop site where you can watch spiritual videos, watch prayers being offered, see amateur and professional yoga videos, spiritual discourses... The idea is to offer a complete and much-needed spiritual touch to the modern lifestyle of today," explains the founder who was irked with "irrelevant and crazy videos" that were being uploaded on various sites. "I would offten question myself as to where the world was heading to? What are we watching?", "Pandey tells us. Finally, he got out there for the world. " Given the fact that the Internet is such a powerful medium, it has to be utilised in a healthy manner. We personally screen all the videos that are uploaded to the site and of course, it's free for all," Pandey makes his point, interestingly, 2,000 spiritual videos have already been uploaded and these range from prayers, Guru jagriti Yatra, meditation, yoga, spiritual healings etc apart from a complete data bank of pilgrimage places all over the world. 

If you find that your teenaged son is always hooked on to the Internet, it might not be a bad sign! there are now student-centric sites catering to the Indian learner. One the stands out for creativity and information is, a web portal that has been designed to corroborate lessons. The easy-to-use site is arranged classwise in a structured topic format, so that students across Boards can make use of it. After wiewing a topic on 'Topper' TV, a student can access additional study material on the site and also take tests online. One of the brains behind the show is Sunil Khanna, co-founder of Greycells18, " Topper Learning is the first curriculum based learning system. Statistics show that there are approximately 300 million kids who are enrolled in schools acrooss India. With limited seats available in colleges and premium professional courses, it is imperative to have a strong primary and seccondary education background. Thus there is a significant opportunity to supplement the existing school system for children to make the best of there seccondary education. Topper is a big step in-that direction," mentions Khanna. The site even maintains a performance record of each student to check progress and offers students accross to a panel of experts who can answer their queries online. 

Elsewhere stepping out of the usual is and its founder Roopesh Aggarwal who offers a one-stop shop proposition when it comes to advertisements. No matter where you are placed in the world or the country, you can announce your forthcoming event by placing an advertisement in any of the publications in the country by simply pushing a few buttons. "In today's times where the Internet has broken all barriers for geography, a client doesn't need to go to the publication office to book the advertisement, He can book the advertisements from our portal at the publicaiton rate card, " explains Aggarwal who took five years to meticulously put it all together. Even more, there is no additional fee charged for this convenience service from users. "We even offer free designing services for all display an classified display advertisements booked through us," adds Aggarwal whose clients can place advertisements for Classifieds, Display Classifieds, Matrimonial, Appointment, Tenders, Newspaper Obituaries, Auto classifieds, Real Estate and all other types of advertisement categories.

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