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We started our journey in the early 1993 phase when the media-advertising industry was beginning to see growth like never before—a picture that would entice any seasoned professional bitten by the so-called entrepreneurial bug. So our start wasn't very different from a typical small business launch, minimal resources, inadequate finances-almost no infrastructural support.

But, that's history and today we, Advertisement India, are the only players in the niche that we created, and the niche that we own. We've over the years championed ourselves in adding value to small and mid-size advertisers of India, who are on the look out for professional guidance in media planning, buying and of course, in creative execution. Yes, we're an agency, but our unique identity is that we do not operate as a typical media agency. We're completely an online product. A leadership team which consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals in Media Sales, Management and Planning, ensure smooth delivery on a day-to-day basis, right from the process which starts at identifying the target group, to creation of the ad, and last but not the least – the final placement of order.

Our excellent relations with newspapers (regional, national and also international papers) have helped many of our clients across the country with the best possible rates, and most importantly: desired results in the marketplace. With Radio and Television, we're now offering a complete 360-degree media solutions.

The big plus for us is the fact that we've very successfully surpassed national boundaries and have got many international clients, including NRIs who look at advertising in India for varied reasons—be it matrimonial or business.

As far as our mission goes, we want to be the one-stop-shop company for Media Services in India. We're expanding in areas such as Events, Activation and PR.

So go click, click with Advertisement India. Partner us. And go that extra mile on the buck you spend.

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