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Newspaper Ad Tips

Are you a first timer?

Are you looking for help in writing an effective newspaper ad?

Let us assure you that you're not alone. Every single person who books an ad with us faces the same question

We offer free consultancy services in all areas – planning, creative and strategy. Our panel of experts will get in touch with you. All you need to do is call us/e-mail us/visit our corporate office.

A few tips on how to write an effective advertisenent
The AIDA Technique

We recommend our clients to always use the AIDA technique. It's simple and effective!

Your ad should be attractive enough to grab the Attention of your target audience. Then provide him enough information so that you elicit an Interest, and then comes the Desire to buy the product. Which leads to Action – the decision to buy…

You must provide all the requisite information in the ad. Please see the tables below.


  • Religion / Cast
  • Qualification
  • Manglik (Yes/No)
  • Occupation
  • Age & Height
  • Horoscope required (Yes/No)
  • Income
  • Box No. required (Yes / No)
  • Personal info about Bride / Groom : Viz. Skin colour, health, personality, family background.


  • Buy / sale
  • Seating capacity
  • Make
  • Mileage
  • Model
  • Petrol / Diesel / CNG
  • Type - Car / Jeep / Truck / 2-wheeler
  • AC / Non AC
  • Conditionli>
  • Stereo (Yes / No)
  • Price
  • Contact info
  • Color


  • Job Profile
  • Salary
  • Qualification
  • Industry
  • Experience
  • Contact Info


  • Sale / Rent / Lease
  • Parking space
  • Location
  • Bathrooms
  • Rooms / Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Drawing / Dining
  • Rent / Price
  • Courtyard / Lobby / Terrace / Open space
  • Contact info
  • Geographical Location (Viz. North facing, park facing, corner etc.)

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