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Go Back Lucknow company revolutionises advertising The Sunday Express, 20 Talk, Lucknow,

Whether you are in Mumbai or in New York, you can now tell anybody about your forthcoming special event by placing an advertisement in any of the publications of your choiceinIndiasimplybypushing a few buttons. 

So far, no such service had existed in the country, but the city of Nawabs takes a lead in offering a facility which enables people across the globe to advertise online in any part of India. 

The website started by a Lucknowite, Roopesh Agarwal, is not only the first of its kind in Lucknow, but perhaps in the country to offer an online advertising facility. Roopesh dedicated five years to develop this site which is now proving a big help to many. 

"Sample this.Afamily hailing from Ranchi wanted to place an advertisement in a couple of newspapers in different states for their son's marriage. Having no idea on how to do it and not knowing the best newspaper to choose from the parents were at their wit's end. 

However, their daughter in theUSAcameto their rescue. Half an hour of surfing the internet, the daughterfoundthe website that gave detailed information about newspapers in India, their reach and advertisement rates etc. Notonly she placed the advertisement sitting at home, she also previewed the advertisement before releasing it, and paid online." 

Similarly, if an employer sitting in Lucknow wants to recruit the best alentfromMetros or a person in Mumbai wants to sell orbuyproperties, they can do it by the click of the mouse as the website has an easy solution for every need.

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